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Los Muy Honorables Lores Espirituales y Temporales del Reino Unido de la Gran Bretana y el Norte de Irlanda reunidos en el Parlamento, que es como se conoce de manera oficial a quienes de forma popular llamamos integrantes de la Camara de los Lores, se dividen, como su nombre indica, en lores espirituales --obispos de la Iglesia Anglicana (que ha elevado por cierto hace poco a ese rango a una mujer por primera vez)--y lores temporales--de los que una parte menor lo son por derechos de sangre y el resto por designacion gubernamental.
Al reanudarse el juicio sobre la inmunidad de Augusto Pinochet este lunes 18, habra tres novedades: la participacion del gobierno chileno en la defensa del exdictador, la presencia del juez Baltasar Garzon en las sesiones, y que el numero de lores integrantes del tribunal de apelacion fue elevado a siete.
Lores, 42, will report to PSG Executive Vice President Todd Bradley and be responsible for the strategy and growth of the business group's direct and channel commercial volume sales.
Erens' prose sways between dreamlike memories of the past and the nightmare of the present, as Lore undergoes a difficult birth, and Franckline worries about her own ability to deliver a healthy child.
This well-researched book offers an examination of the programming and marketing strategies employed by international sales and programming executives and the ways that industry lore permeates the global television trade.
Here the ideas of electricity are woven with alchemical lore in a presentation that surveys the ether to ideas of space travel, film, and even computers.
While a lot of the fireside songs and stories told to children of all classes belonged squarely to popular lore and remained relatively isolated from the influence of the written word, Fox manages to trace some back "to the great monastic chronicles of the twelfth and the thirteenth centuries" (198).
In conveying the prevalence and function of these themes in the four selected plays, Pereira draws upon an impressive knowledge of black music and African lore to situate each work within a realistic historical context.
This is what the editors refer to as "teacher lore.
We have arrived at a time when the rapidly advancing field of neuroscience can bring real benefits to human health and welfare, fulfilling Pat and Lore McGovern's dream for the Institute," said Desimone.
BradyGAMES, a leader in the game book market, currently has three game guides on the schedule under the Virgin agreement: Command and Conquer, The Daedalus Encounter and Lands of Lore II.