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Be careful when overtaking left-handdrive lorries on UK roads as they will have very little visibility of you to their right - the blind spot can be quite big.
I have also managed to get some major firms on board who have agreed to retrospectively fit these sensors on their lorries.
The LWE130 is an entry level powered pallet truck ideal for use on the back of lorries.
And how happy will people be when their cars are damaged by bin lorries driving up streets in the dark?
Currently some lorries are banned from the Birkenhead tunnel because of weight issues, but can use the Wallasey link.
The Freight Transport Association (FTA) said: 'The Government has walked away from its promise to level the playing field and to charge foreign lorries for operating in the UK, in the same way that UK vehicles are charged for operating in Europe.
17,793 coaches 12,413 coaches + 43% Freight shuttles 112,649 lorries 67,349 lorries + 67% Eurostar 1,234,680 passengers 1,333,512 passengers - 7% Rail freight 468,535 tons 438,944 tons + 7%
FIVE men who stole from lorries parked at service stations in Warwickshire have been jailed.
Most companies have their lorries running 24 hours a day to make this possible.
The two lorries go along for may be ten minutes side by side, blocking most of the motorway for most of the traffic.
I went off to meet the lorry drivers, and started taking random photos of lorries in lay-bys.