lose sight of

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With a surprise release, a portion of the bow or sight sometimes gets in your line of sight as the release occurs and you temporarily lose sight of the arrow.
Drivers must immediately stop if they lose sight of a ground guide or don't understand a signal.
But Mr Farrand added: "We must not lose sight of the severe affordable housing need in the region, and the ability of associations to not only build homes, but to create vibrant communities, with homes built to an exceptional environmental quality.
should not lose sight of the major culprit in the fight for peace and democracy.
It's so easy for people to lose sight of the six pillars (basics) of ethics, and how hard it can be to follow all of them at the same time.
The tale focuses on the relationship between Jack and Arabella as he admires her from the onset, his admiration grows, and soon he is in love, but as he constantly reminds himself do not lose sight of the mission.
As an electronics design engineer, you probably have been told, or you have told the designers who work for you, to never lose sight of your customers.
With all your classes and rehearsals, it's easy to lose sight of the polls.
I believe in our mission, and I believe that we must not Let our leaders ever lose sight of the men and women who have made sacrifices in defense of freedom," Sodano said.
Indeed, one of the book's greatest shortcomings is that it focuses so much on the experiences of individual reporters as to lose sight of the fact that most of us were operating as parts of much larger teams.
Although Weiser is busy orchestrating the continued growth of GFI's realty division, he doesn't lose sight of how important his family is to him.