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THREAD. A figurative expression used to signify the central line of a stream or water course. Harg. Tracts, 5; 4 Mason's Rep. 397; Holt's R. 490. Vide Filum aguae; Island; Water course; River.

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We still weave stories together, embroider them and try never to lose the thread ofhe tale.
It changed the way I watch movies and seasons of TV shows, consuming them in rapid fashion, so I don't lose the thread of the story arc.
It is impossible to lose the thread in this book, which contains an introduction, seven chapters, notes, an analytical table of contents for Human, All Too Human, and two indexes, one for passages cited from Human, All Too Human, the other for subjects and proper names.
A second problem with the book is that the author was too ambitious in his attempt to cover so many subjects and so much material that both he and the reader lose the thread of his initial thesis.
It goes all over the place as he'll lose the thread and come back.
When you're playing bass, you have to just play bass or you'll lose the thread and make a mistake.