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I'll talk to her," said Mademoiselle Cormon, "for he might lose his place in the mayor's office; and then what would he and his mother have to live on?
However, I ceased to join Sasha in playing the fool, while Pokrovski, for his part, ceased to lose his temper with us so much.
Raoul continued his way and was visibly gaining ground; but the horse and its rider, of whom he did not lose sight, were evidently sinking.
I'll not lose sight of my best pupil yet," said I, "though she were born of beggars and lodged in a cellar; for the rest, it is absurd to make a bugbear of her origin to me--I happen to know that she was a Swiss pastor's daughter, neither more nor less; and, as to her narrow means, I care nothing for the poverty of her purse so long as her heart overflows with affluence.
One of the worst loses of the season was an overtime defeat to the Nets.
Here is a perfect illustration of what can happen if an athlete loses weight too quickly: A 200-pound running back who is 20.
1033(g), a property owner who loses rental property can reinvest in a building that is like-kind, which is a broader definition than the functionally similar or related in service or use criterion of Sec.
Once the bacterium loses genes, he points out, it has no way of getting them back.
Loser-pays is often mistaken for a double-or-nothing bet: If a suit wins, goes this reasoning, it must win bigger than it does in the United States, while if it loses it must crash in flames.
A career is not made by whether he wins or loses one race.
The direct-play team is given two points for every conventional goal, while the possession team is awarded just one point, that ends with a turnover in their attacking third, and loses one point for every two lost possessions in their defensive third.
Playoffs prediction: Loses to Colorado in Western Conference finals.