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LOSING PATIENCE Carlisle manager Greg Abbott (top) believes that it's high time Richard Offiong (left) started to deliver the goods
last week warned it is losing patience with the EU's reluctance to approve new genetically engineered crops.
Industry leaders are losing patience at the length of time it is taking for the secretary of state for trade and industry Patricia Hewitt to consider the draft code of practice.
There were indications last night that some professionals in Irish racing are losing patience with the approach of the Turf Club and the Association of Irish Racecourses to the Government's plans for a new body to run racing, writes Michael Clower.
The group said it is losing patience with the Prime Minister and has printed tens of thousands of posters with the caption, "It's time you ended this bloodbath.
I can't exclude the human reason," he answered, now losing patience.
As costs of fighting spam increase and spam accounts for the majority of email transmissions, consumers and service providers are losing patience," said Jim Nail, principal analyst at Forrester Research.
The Blues boss looks to be losing patience as he waits to hear whether the Celtic defender plans to take up his offer of a deal at St Andrews.
Bakery chain Greggs axed 14 shops and cut 200 jobs today after losing patience with poor sales at its Bakers Oven shops in northern England and Scotland.
Retailers and farmers are losing patience as the drawn out wait for a trading code of practice looks set to drag on into the autumn.
Universal's market share is well under 5 percent this year, ninth among major distributors, fueling ongoing rumors that parent Seagram is losing patience.
Internet shoppers are losing patience for Web sites that do not deliver the goods ordered during the holiday season.