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29% of Americans are losing sleep because of healthcare/insurance bills, 27% because of their ability to pay the monthly mortgage/rent and 21% because of credit card debt.
CRUSADERS boss Stephen Baxter insists he isn't at risk of losing sleep over the Seaview club's frustrating start to the season.
Unable to speak, his rehabilitation has been hard yet remarkably successful, resulting in the release of his first complete post-illness studio album, Losing Sleep.
Losing Sleep, due out in September, features Franz Ferdinand,The Cribs,The Drums and The Magic Numbers.
And nearly a fifth are losing sleep by worrying about their personal finances.
Ian and Ron Davison are bucking the property downturn and certainly not losing sleep over their pounds 8million mortgage.
One in three of those worried about their job was losing sleep, one in five was depressed, and some were eating more to cope with the stress.
Losing sleep also can increase your risk of diabetes, heart problems and depression.
Our high school seniors are losing sleep over passing the exit exam.
73% of people who sleep with a snoring partner report losing sleep due to the noise.
It reveals that losing sleep can also make youngsters fat.
There's no point losing sleep over it if he says no to a new deal.