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The most common reasons veterans gave for feeling isolated were losing touch with forces pals (41 per cent) and physical and mental health issues (33 per cent).
Following an introduction, her text examines Aristotelian naturalism and its discontents, the sixteenth-century phenomenon of losing touch with nature, Spenser and his engagement with the new science, Shakespeare and his use of new forms of nothing, the relationship of matter to power, and the role of Francis Bacon in the contextualized understanding of the sixteenth-century shift in English writersAE relationships to nature.
THE FATHER of a murder victim today spoke of his heartache at losing touch with his son before his death.
It's a classic example of Westminster village MPs losing touch with reality.
Eventually there is an accident, their "crimes" are discovered, and there is one result no one could have predicted: Shin has to be hospitalized because he starts to really believe in this new religion and is losing touch with reality.
As if lost revenue weren't bad enough, many universities also found themselves Losing touch with their students.