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As if lost revenue weren't bad enough, many universities also found themselves Losing touch with their students.
But here, too, was a sad example of a bureaucrat losing touch with the constituency she was expected to serve.
I'm afraid we've gained a ``white sale'' at the price of losing touch with two of the greatest Americans who ever lived - Abraham Lincoln, born on Feb.
REUNION: Richard and his long-lost friend Carol have been reunited after losing touch for 38 years
When it is widespread, this refusal indicates a society that is losing touch with reality, that is spiralling into madness.
TWO best friends were last night catching up on family gossip after losing touch for more than half a century.
The site is affiliated with the tiddler independent label Big Fish Network and does a pretty good job of drawing attention to its own and a few non-Japanese muzos without losing touch with the fun inherent in so much nonsense.
If you're scratching your head and muttering, "Geez, didn't these things cost billions to build," have no fear, you are not losing touch with reality.