loss of belief

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But the hypothesis that Western Europe is the avant-garde of a universal, uniform teleology entailing privatization as well as loss of belief and practice around the globe no longer predominates.
Given he had yet to improve his players' fragile confidence, the suspicion remained that an early Saints goal would result in a further loss of belief and another convincing defeat.
While to our credit we don't kill each other over minor disputes there is no doubt the old certainties are fading away and there is a loss of belief in what were once perceived as the pillars of our society.
I think, collectively, there had been a loss of belief in what he was trying to achieve.
These are but symptoms of the real malaise afflicting the Church of England--which is nothing less than a loss of belief in its own Scriptural doctrines.
He shows how this works in debates over abortion, euthanasia, religious liberty, equality and other issues where the loss of belief in a normative cosmic order (whether theistic or natural) costs us more than we can admit to ourselves, because this loss makes moral reasoning impossible.
Wallerstein observed that this depressed state could not simply be explained by recent electoral victories by the right and analyzed it as having two main causes: the defeat of the left's "two-step" strategy pursued for over a century, and the loss of belief in inevitable progress.
Belief has been the key to Perch's renaissance, with the defender suffering a huge loss of belief following a torrid start to life at St James' Park.
That breeds the loss of belief that was so clear 18 minutes from the end, when Joe Mason's pass sent him haring through on goal.
Otherwise, life often turns into a sad existence, marked by a series of unsuccessful psychological and psychiatric therapies as well as loss of belief in God, humanity, and love as is frequently described in letters and testimonies of LGBT Christians.
Hearing "You have multiple sclerosis" provokes despair enough to go around, and despair notoriously and easily engenders despondency, loss of self-esteem, loss of belief that actions can accomplish anything.
MARTIN O'Neill has hinted at a loss of belief in his squad but is confident they can recover from a nightmare week to salvage their season.