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In other words, immediate loss of blood supply to the brain leads to almost instantaneous loss of consciousness.
Another 17% (435) reported some other injury during deployment with no loss of consciousness or altered mental status, most commonly resulting from a fall or injury during training.
The condition does not always produce symptoms but the classic warning sign is a sudden severe headache thatmay cause loss of consciousness.
A day before admission she had generalized tonic clonic convulsions that progressed to status epilepticus, followed by loss of consciousness.
government health statistics say concentrations of H2S greater than 500 parts per million can cause loss of consciousness and can be lethal.
He moves all extremities, has no neck pain, no loss of consciousness, but doesn't remember getting hit, the quarter, or who the opponent is.
19%) to report the recent onset of at least 1 of 15 serious symptoms, such as shortness of breath, chest pain, persistent headache, or loss of consciousness.
Since their surgery, 21 of the study participants have had no seizure that caused loss of consciousness.
Effects of cyanide exposure can range from loss of consciousness to death.
The first symptom listed, loss of consciousness, is a case in point.
It may cause a drop in blood pressure, loss of consciousness, and can result in death if emergency medical treatment is not provided quickly.