loss of health

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What has it ever brought me but anxious days and sleepless nights; but loss of health and peace of mind, and gain of feebleness and sorrow
Unite/CPHVA's National Professional Committee (NPC) has received increasing evidence over the years about the effects of the loss of health visiting's statutory status.
Joblessness and the accompanying loss of health benefits drove an additional 3.
Dr Holohan said: "This country just cannot afford this anymore in terms of money, never mind in terms of the loss of health and happiness.
If older people were asked to choose between this modest amount of additional income to compensate for loss of health and independence, and, on the other hand, the restoration of full health and strength, it would be no contest
In addition, in this unstable employment market, the loss of a job often leads to loss of health coverage, as insurance becomes less affordable.
And illness often led to job loss and a subsequent loss of health coverage.
Under-funding of the health system, appalling oversight by the previous Minister of Health and the South African cabinet, loss of health care staff and increasing costs of medical care have created multiple crises at various levels.
This special issue of the SAMJ reports the findings of the South African Comparative Risk Assessment (SA CRA) project, summarising the contributions of 17 major risk factors to loss of health and mortality in the South African population.
At a time of stress or serious loss of health, spiritual comfort is not an optional extra - it is the duty of a civilised society to provide it.
This Lancet paper calls on developed countries and WHO to agree criteria for minimum national health training targets for all developing countries so that continuing loss of health workers from these countries can be brought under control.
To the tune of the 1961 rock-and-roll song "Runaway" and enthusiastic audience response, he imagined the thoughts of a person in 2015 upon seeing their personal genomic data for the first time: "As I walk the bases/in all three billion places/I wonder/am I built for strong endurance or loss of health insurance?