loss of honor

References in classic literature ?
We could only have remained and died together, fighting; but you know, Tara of Helium, that we may not jeopardize a woman's safety even though we risk the loss of honor.
Emile" decries the cruelty and hypocrisy of punishing young women for their supposed loss of honor.
The parable then is not about crisis in the family, broken relationships, or a terrible loss of honor for the father, all interpretations that many thoughtful New Testament scholars have suggested.
This pattern suggests a culture in which honor threatened is honor lost and no response to the possible loss of honor is too extreme.
Furthermore, few of the apartamientos make references to the women's loss of honor.
For residents inclined to abuse their freedom, the loss of honor dorm incentives and privileges is a point of control.
Whether his fear is motivated by his loss of honor and job, or by a spiritual conviction that this earthquake is an act of judgment on an unredeemable life, his despair is apparent.
Ajax, unable to accept the loss of honor, "drawes his sword and saies: / Well: this is mine yet: vnto this one claime Vlysses laies.
If the king actually raped Armesinda, the social order would be irreparably ruptured, and Juan would have to repress his desire to avenge both his and Armesinda's loss of honor, what Marcia L.
The sacrifice, however, was at the loss of honor and future prestige.
The true cost had been in human life, but there also was the significant loss of honor and pride among clinical staff who personally accepted their failure amid careers they devoted to saving lives instead of taking them.
In Muslim societies, a loss of honor is something that must be avoided.