loss of power

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That this analysis was not statistically significant, while the analysis of the AGI as continuous variable was, is not surprising; dichotomizing a continuous variable results in a loss of power, and thus a larger sample size is needed to achieve a similar level of statistical significance (Ragland 2002).
By doing so, my body (the battery) is spared unnecessary loss of power, and is recharged morally and spiritually.
Rubbing or pinching of the hose can cause a leak that leads to a complete loss of power steering.
The disruption to ocean, barge and rail transport from Katrina, and the loss of power to cement plants in the storm's path, win cut further into cement supplies.
Next-generation LTO-3 improvements include the addition of a Graceful Dynamic Braking feature, which significantly reduces media stress and the likelihood of media damage in the event of a sudden loss of power to the drive.
Many Sunnis fear a loss of power to the Shiite Muslim majority, which supports the election.
In extreme cases, a complete site can fail, either due to a total loss of power or through a natural or artificial disaster.
Perhaps the culture is changing enough that a man feels able to [report harassment] without any further loss of power or self-esteem.
While it would typically exclude claims resulting from loss of power, renters insurance does provide coverage for many other risks.
It features temperature compensated battery charging, integral input and output circuit breakers, reverse polarity protection, loss of power alarm and LED status indicators.
Zurich North America's cyber-risk policies exclude any loss related to a loss of power, such as the blackout.
The loss of power for one hour would cost the bank as much as $6 million in lost revenue.