loss of strength

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Duchenne results in progressive loss of strength and is caused by a mutation in the gene that encodes for dystrophin.
Mobility concerns are fast-moving, senior-specific conditions linked to loss of strength and frailty (e.
20 years without loss of strength and On delivery, a military type certificate under the provisions of the Bundeswehr.
The bone sparing total shoulder arthroplasty system is designed to treat patients experiencing severe shoulder joint pain, compromised range of motion, loss of strength and functionality, and is intended to preserve both the patient's native bone and avoid further trauma to the surrounding soft tissue.
Lightweight papers have resulted in a 7 percent reduction in weight over the last seven years, with no loss of strength.
It boasts the highest flow of any transparent resin without loss of strength or optical characteristics.
Amor, perhaps wary of Samson's loss of strength when his locks were shorn, has no intention of an early trip to the barber's for a short back and sides.
The president's doctors had initially ordered a month's rest, but then decided on surgery to treat complications resulting from the hematoma, such as a "slight" loss of strength in her left arm.
The North American sand/binder combination shows less loss of strength at elevated humidity and extended benchlife.
However, [he] has the misfortunes of a man of his age, such as fatigue, loss of strength.
I'd never looked at our two shallow front door steps through the prism of bi-focals, swollen legs and loss of strength and precision before.
You should, of course, allow for the inevitable loss of strength and endurance that come with age, but as long as your dog is enjoying himself, let him run.