lost connection

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Savage Breast: One Man's Search For The Goddess by Tim Ward is the inherently fascinating story of his three year journey to rediscover the lost connection with the Goddess of the ancient Europeans and her relationship to the male psyche.
His cell phone immediately lost connection, like the battery went dead, Mira Kim said.
They are divided into three categories, in particular, students who attended classes but lost connection with the university (departed, got sick) at some time, students who did not attend classes and exams at all and "bought" their grades, and students who were known "only by their faces" or slackers which attended classes once in a while, he stated.
The reason why The Wind in the Willows is such an appealing story is because it signifies the lost connection with nature.
Cox had wanted to nominate stall 19 for Jimmy Styles but was given 15 when he lost connection on his phone at Thursday's draw ceremony - yet all that was forgotten.
Although this may be hard for some people, the sound is better on a land line, and chances of a dropped call or lost connection are reduced.
The 76-year-old actor, who found fame in 1960's after doing a string of British films, admitted that he has lost connection with lot of people he knew.
From 1948, when Israel was established, until 1967, when Israel occupied the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza, Palestinians inside Israel lost connection to their nation.
I cannot speak for all, but from what I've read, experienced, seen with my own two eyes, we have lost connection with the earth.
They've lost connection with (al Qaeda senior leadership) in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
While the immediate concerns of staying cool and having access to food and water are paramount, for many the lost connection with the office and the rest of the world was almost as troubling.