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We did not want to take this step - Crescent and its customers in the UAE have been extremely patient, but with entering the fourth summer with still no contractual gas supplies, some of our customers have lost patience and are demanding performance, leaving us with no option but to seek a determination on the legal obligation of NIOC to deliver gas, and also to seek an indemnity from NIOC in respect of the claims of our customers.
The 21-year-old England international lost patience with John Gregory after failing to even command a place on the bench.
I'm so pleased for Nan and Peter Crocker, who bought him from some other owners of mine when they lost patience.
When Jerry's boss sends him to Mexico to retrieve an antique pistol, he must choose between keeping his life or keeping his grating girlfriend, Samantha (Roberts), who has long since lost patience with Jerry's crime capers.
They were shouting at the film and each other for at least 15 minutes before I lost patience, turned around, and told them to be quiet.
The shopkeepers, the housewives, the factory workers have lost patience with Gorbachev and faith in perestroika.
Now bosses are said to have lost patience after ITV's latest offering, Sing If You Can, pulled in five-and-a-half million viewers.
MIDDLESBROUGH have finally lost patience with Tottenham over their dogged pursuit of Stewart Downing.
MIDDLESBROUGH yesterday finally lost patience with Tottenham over their dogged pursuit of Stewart Downing.
Four points from six games has had fans calling for the head of Williamson and the board have now lost patience.
And when the promising line-out operator failed to show, Blues' chiefs finally lost patience and are reported to have terminated his contract.