loud protest

See: outcry
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A decade ago when the reformists controlled the Majlis and the Judiciary arrested some reformist deputies, the Majlis as an institution launched a loud protest over the arrests, which eventually came to an end.
It was a small, not too loud protest, but we felt nothing but support.
I know that there will be loud protest of this view.
The loud protest continued throughout the former PM's address.
The Jews never managed to get into the complex, because several hundred Palestinians, who were on alert for such a possibility, began a loud protest.
SHAREHOLDERS AT TELSTRA, Australia's largest phone company, are shouting out a loud protest against over-the-top CEO pay.
As Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet, "Me thinks the lady doth too loud protest.
NEWS FACT Picture this: There is a loud protest outside the White House.
A loud protest shut him down, but the underground industry of largely condom-free parties aimed at men of color is still thriving in New York City.
About 50 angry mums and dads staged a loud protest on Newport Road, Cardiff, outside the Hotel Metropole yesterday.
As we find him in the novel, his latest work, entitled Bitches, has provoked virulent ire and loud protest from women.
The incident occurred when authorities attempted to put the man on a Sabena flight bound for Brussels, Belgium but the pilot refused to accept the man on the flight because he was struggling and making a loud protest.