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Reception is at 7pm with the dress code being lounge suit.
For a bold, festive touch slip into a scarlet velvet lounge suit and matching 1950sstyle stilettos that will guarantee you get noticed wherever you go.
OUTFITS: Sujit wore a lounge suit from the Savoy Tailors Guild at Charing Cross in Central London, which cost pounds 145.
WHAT a shame it now appears the flip-flopping Fauntleroy is going to wear tails to the Abbey instead of a lounge suit.
Only a few days ago sources close to Cameron suggested he would be shunning the bow tie and tails - the traditional attire of PMs at Royal Weddings - and instead opting for an everyday lounge suit.
Dress code for the evening is black tie or lounge suit for men, cocktail dress or evening dress for ladies.
Mr Brown, in his routine all-occasion lounge suit, and in an atmosphere of no pomp and a total absence of grandeur, did all that for her yesterday.
Downing Street had briefed that the PM would wear a lounge suit, because he did not want to remind voters of his posh past.
Dress code for the evening will be black tie or lounge suit for the men, evening dress for ladies.
30pm for 8pm) with lounge suit dress code, the dinner will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 1984/85 double winning team in the company of Derek Mountfield, Gary Stevens and John Bailey.
SHE was in pink lace and he was in his dog-collar and lounge suit.