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Instead of wealth, it was loutishness that trickled down to reach every corner of society - even billboards.
We were told the arrival of Continental players and managers, with their strict fitness schedules and attention to detail, would root out the culture of loutishness.
The minister said he was compiling a commission to study loutishness but added it was unlikely that he would raise the age for drinking.
Nothing can justify the hatred and loutishness they endure as they go about their work.
SIR - I read that British youth sweeps practically every trophy in the European Union for sheer drunken loutishness.
They will regulate the supply and use of fireworks in an attempt to prevent the spread of anti-social behaviour and loutishness linked with them.
Blaming booze, however, is more politically expedient, and populist, than delving into the social reasons for the seven-day a week loutishness you will come face to face with should you be foolish enough to wander along Birmingham's Broad Street.
It's that time of year again lads - lager and loutishness, uncontrollable sex drive, dancing on the desks, snogging in the stock room.
And Smith blamed shows such as Sky's Ibiza Uncovered for making drunken loutishness seem acceptable.
There were many positive aspects as Colwyn Bay sought to regenerate but there was a failure to deliver the zero-tolerance policy vital to tackle drugs and loutishness.
Our streets should be free of loutishness, gangs of drunken hooligans, or drug dealers capturing the lives of young people.