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They have then tried to take the love seat, which is used by couples to sit and talk and reminisce.
Well, if you want to include that love seat," Mike said, "we'll have to build the blind around it.
If you have an apartment or if you've got a master bedroom that needs a seating area or something against the bed, the Hepburn is just the perfect scale," he says, adding it's smaller than traditional love seats.
If Wolcott's photographs make us see the Depression decade in a more complicated way, if they make us wonder about the lives of two Cheyenne women or about what secrets a young couple shared on the hard bench of a corny love seat, then romance has opened the way to empathy with the peoples of our past.
I interrupt Ted Richardson, the chairman of the Porkbuster campaign, as he sits on the leather love seat jotting down notes.
Yet the exhibition's checklist implied an arbitrariness in Nagy's arrangements by quoting individual prices for their components - suggesting that you could buy, say, the medieval Chinese vase from Display Table with Triptych, 1997, without its base (Richard Pettibone's Love Seat and a Jean Prouve desk), let alone the Nagy paintings behind it, which you might not want.
Just when he's awkwardly broken the ice and is about to make some time, several of the group horn in, crowding her out of her place beside him on the love seat.
uk THIS love seat is perfect for snuggling up in during the winter months.
If you want a new look for your living space, Tesco is giving one Notebook reader the chance to win the gorgeous and on-trend Julianne love seat in velvet midnight blue, rrp PSi PS399; Savoy side table, rrp PS99; Butlers Tray table in black, rrp PS35; Fan purple cushion, PS14; Gatsby teal cushion, PS10; Pink chenille cushion, PS10.
50; original BTC medium Stanley hammered ceiling light, PS329; Babington love seat in Roanna floral charcoal, PS1,699; dark feast floral cushion, PS19.
Whitley love seat in Sandringham saffron, Sapporo coffee table and side table set, fringed cushion, Savannah cushion, large peony stem, vase, Spring Meadow dinner plate, all M&S If you like the idea of adding a riot of pattern to your home but would rather steer clear of vibrant colour, then this is a perfect way to do it.