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The old King looked at the little Fairy, and saw how lovingly the bright shadows gathered round her, as if to shield her from every harm; the timid birds nestled in her bosom, and the flowers grew fairer as she looked upon them; while her gentle friends, with tears in their bright eyes, folded their hands beseechingly, and smiled on her.
The Australian's female English Bulldog's registered name is "Shrinkabull jam don't shake like that Jelli," lovingly referred to by the chart-topping artist as simply "Jelli.
Neil and his armed and armoured crew Neil and his armed and armoured crew climbed aboard the lovingly climbed aboard the lovingly recreated vessel.
The brightly-dressed figures were lovingly created 13 years ago by a group of artistic parishioners and are gathered outside the church door.
Nice things to do with the woman who gave birth to you and lovingly raised you: afternoon tea and a game of bingo.
Tyddyn Mawr is an 18th century farmhouse lovingly restored to establish superb accommodation.
She is survived and will be lovingly missed by her husband of 43 years, Donald E.
American road trip | Chef taking on world | Solicitor turned stylist POST PROPERTY THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2012 1 In Post WORLDLY WISE Turn-of-the-century home has global feel DAZZLING DESIGN Glorious Art Deco architecture Property ISSUE 298 THURSDAY OCTOBER 25 2012 POST PROPERTY A lovingly restored Georgian home; vibrant decor inspired by pharaohs' tombs; and Back to the a glorious Art drawing room Couple lovingly restore Georgian home Deco gem EDGBASTONHARBORNEHEREFORDSHIRESTAFFORDSHIRESOLIHULL WARWICKSHIRESHROPSHIRESTOURBRIDGEWORCESTERSHIRE
Even the multiplayer options, offering both co-op and competitive deathmatches, feel lovingly crafted in a genre not known for its social play.
DATING from 1920, this attractive bungalow has been lovingly renovated.
HAVING been lovingly refurbished, this farmhouse has been converted into two five bedroom homes, valued at pounds 450,000 and pounds 475,000 respectively.