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Humanization is the essence of care (10,27) and, therefore, it is important to join efforts and bring together resources, with a view to the dialogue, information, interaction, listening, bonding, participation and lovingness in the relation among the subjects.
Through transformative pedagogy and a commitment of Freire's notion of lovingness, educators can fulfill the demands of political agents and the needs of their learners.
As people get older, sex changes - the lovingness, closeness, touching and so on becomes more important," says Miriam.
The fun lovingness of the show was emphasised by Pete.
Following Sieving and colleagues, (28) we used five survey items to measure maternal connectedness with a five-point Likert scale: the respondent's perceptions of her mother's warmth and lovingness, communication, encouragement of independence and assistance in understanding consequences of actions, and the respondent's overall satisfaction with the quality of the relationship (Cronbach alpha-0.
Hey, if not for the Dodgers and San Diego's lovingness to beat their big bullies to the north, people would be asking whether the Tigers are as bad as the Padres instead of the other way around.
All she'd done was wrap her arms around him in lovingness.
I suspect women in Jesus's time recognized and identified with his lovingness, but such a personal response to Jesus can be difficult to sustain today.
They really like the lovingness of the younger students and having someone look up to them.
It was perhaps for this reason that Baines set a tempo for the beatific third movement which failed to linger with any lovingness over these consolatory blossomings of lyricism.