low comedy

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Ludlam was a formidable talent steeped in classical literature and performance who could descend into camp and low comedy to get the effect he wanted and then return to dramatic heights.
Such anecdotal detail gathers much of the interest and adds to the overall feeling of a book mixing low comedy with high insights.
Like nearly everything else we do, we manage to mix high drama and low comedy.
Cox's staging distinguished itself only in making the ballet scene (he added a male dancer) and the Italian couple farcical enough to satisfy the audience of lackeys that surrounded me and was grabbed only by the low comedy.
As Loften Mitchell has pointed out, these forms would use "the same weapons--the blackface, the low comedy [because] whites would not accept them any other way.
The old Ontario town has a unique history among Canadian settlements, making it a treasure trove of high drama and low comedy.
Snatches of conversation overheard in bars, restaurants, department stores, or reported after dinners and parties range from low comedy and malapropisms to the niceties of parlor venom.
What they wanted was low comedy and maybe something ruther worse than low comedy.
The Women' works in a proto-`Sex and the City' style - high comedy meets low comedy.
Now it carries an immense slice of the planet's daily affairs on video, from high drama to low comedy.
Sexy and smart and fully his colleagues' peer in either high notes or low comedy (what Sher allows of it), this Figaro let no one forget which role gives Rossini's opera its title; and when he stepped onto the passerelle for his curtain call, the audience's ovation loudly proclaimed him a barbiere di qualita.
Doesn't he know that French art house films are now in the doldrums while a low comedy, a sort of Gallic Carry on Caravanning, is a runaway box office hit in France?