low estimation

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Had Hawkeye been aware of the low estimation in which the skillful Uncas held his representations, he would probably have prolonged the entertainment a little in pique.
And not unsurprisingly, they hold the politicos in such a low estimation and scorn.
Studies suggest that violence takes place in at least two-thirds of homes in Papua New Guinea, but researchers say this is a low estimation.
And London Mayor Boris Johnson said Mr Hague could be wrong with his low estimation about the number of immigrants.
In fact, this previous low estimation was unjustified as some Indian silver exhibits extremely fine craftsmanship, generally combining repouss and chasing techniques.
Meanwhile, a citizen in Yanbu has been frank about his low estimation of the elected members in the present municipal councils.
According to Iris Pettai's research in 2001, many people tend to give their social position a low estimation in spite of reference group influence (Pettai 2002:119-121).
They must have a low estimation of my career because they pointed out that last year's celebrity contestants have had a renaissance in their careers since their two weeks on the box.
The final essay grapples with the low estimation of Brazilian culture among Brazilian writers themselves, envisaged a century ago in the Eurocentrism of Joaquim Nabuco, and the current struggle for cultural identity in a world threatened by globalization and the electronic media.
These employers are quicker to fire blacks, because they believe they need less evidence to confirm their original low estimation.
Census Report, with "results of which you'll see the Kinsey's ten percent was a naively low estimation.
As if to underscore the low estimation of his chosen genre, he offered little to none of the gleaming items of luxury tableware, brilliant bouquets, or sumptuous foodstuffs that had been customary in his northern prototypes.