low regard

See: bad repute
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Meanwhile, moderate and liberal Republicans are as likely to disapprove as to approve of the job he is doing, and Democrats of all political orientations hold Bush in low regard.
If MPs are held in low regard, it is their own fault for being caught with their fingers in the till and for doing such a abysmal job for us voters.
And they wonder why they are held in such low regard.
Rubbish accumulated because they withdrew their labour should be taken but their refusal shows what attitude they have towards work and the low regard they hold their 'customers' in.
Cornilles never has held public office at any level, but he's running at a time when politicians generally are held in low regard.
Dr Horgan added: "Cllr Meaney supported the use of Shannon during the Iraq war for economic reasons and that is why I have a very low regard for Cllr Meaney.
an enemy, and President Barack Obama is held in exceedingly low regard.
For Mr Pickles, judging by his behaviour at the conference, has pretty low regard for most councils regardless of political colour.
Resolved: The American people hold their elected officials and the institutions in which they serve in very low regard.
Clinton's low regard for the way some 58 tribes are generating nearly $6 billion this year in gambling revenues in 18 states is well out of line with the intent of the 1988 Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.
Deputies did not care whether their law was unconstitutional, a reflection of the low regard they have for the rule of law.
Children perform much better on achievement and IQ tests if their teachers have positive expectations about their intellectual ability, whereas intellectual decline occurs for kids held in low regard by instructors, these studies find.