low standard

See: bad repute
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Lydgate, that he will compare with any preacher in this kingdom, not to speak of this town, which is but a low standard to go by; at least, to my thinking, for I was born and bred at Exeter.
Renewal of low standard pavement with minimum 80mm fine crushed rock.
44 percent as a result of the rise in prices of some major groups with influential figures in the movement and low standard of some groups, the CSB said in its CPI monthly report.
He said that the Greek were famous in education because they were hard workers as well as punctual in their time Khan said that "my parents were also poor and I studied in low standard school but keep working hard while maintaining punctuality of time.
JAMRUD -- Raids of political tehsildar is continued against profiteers and sellers of low standard foodstuff in the different areas of Jamrud.
He also urged consumers to use standard wires in home electrification and avoid low standard wires, adding the use of low standard wires may cause fire and other serious accidents.
The half-time employment in the Republic of Macedonia is at a much lower level compared to EU member-countries, which is perhaps result of the country's low standard of living although it could also be a consequence from the small demand for workers with halftime jobs.
Not only that, the fees are ridiculously high for a low standard of education, we don't get offered any student discounts from departments such as RTA for using the public transport and unlike many other countries, there is no student discounts on food or leisure activities such as movies or bowling.
However, it is a fact that even in our little country, with a very low standard of living, the economic agenda must always be the priority, the measures need to be adopted in continuity and the effects not to be felt only on a short-term but long-term period, Madzovska concludes.
Morgan said the gap between the low standard variable rate many existing homeowners were on and the rate for remortgaging forced them to stay put.
Some were please that low standard places of learning had been closed, while others said that government should not close private institutions until state-run education has the capacity to accept the students who now have nowhere to study.
The increase in the costs of living has aggravated further the already low standard of living.