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400,000 Grant - for the implementation of green stormwater management practices at Andujar Park in Camden, a low-lying area that drains into the city's combined sanitary-stormwater sewer system, sponsored by The Trust for Public Land.
Water-logging in low-lying areas has closed many roads and thrown life out of gear in Rajkot city, he said.
The issuance of a weather alert status was prompted by the weather bulletin given by the local weather bureau stating that the 12-hour rainfall to occur on Saturday would bring light to moderate rains and thunderstorms that would produce floods, mudflows, and landslides affecting low-lying areas specifically major river channels and tributaries including mountain slopes.
In Northumberland the main area of concern is the River Tyne from Hexham to Wylam and its tributaries, where levels suggest there may be flooding to low-lying land and roads.
There is also slow rise of allied Bued, Patalan, Angalacan and Aloragat rivers, threatening flood in the low-lying areas of Mangaldan, Mapandan, San Fabian, San Jacinto, Laoac, Manaoag, Sison and Pozorrubio.
The Rescue 1122 has requested people not to stand on the banks of low-lying areas along Leh Nullah during flood and follow instructions given by the flood control room.
Many low-lying areas in the capital were underwater Saturday , Havana Times reported.
In the rescue efforts, thousands of people in the low-lying areas of region have been evacuated to safer places.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Bangladesh on Wednesday ordered the evacuation of several hundred thousand people as forecasters said a cyclonic storm would hit low-lying coastal areas by early Thursday.
None of the low-lying placenta showed migration where the initial distance was less than 1.
Summary: Suva: Fijians living in low-lying areas were urged to flee to higher ground as a .
As Hurricane Sandy approaches New York City, officials have been discussing plans to evacuate residents in low-lying areas and possibly shut down the city's subway system for fear of flooding.