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The new Quigley incorporates many features not possible before, like a lower ride height, improved road manners with better ride and handling characteristics, and a lower center of gravity.
At the website, click on "Investor Relations" located in the lower center of the page, select "Webcasts," then choose the 4th Quarter and fiscal 2004 Earnings Conference Call or the replay to locate the broadcast.
This approach also greatly improves handling, since a lower ride height creates a lower center of gravity -- reducing the amount of body roll the driver might feel going around curves or corners.
A vehicle with a lower center of gravity will be less likely to roll over in the event of a single vehicle crash, according to NHTSA.
This $399 pair of sci-fi shades incorporates its miniaturized screen in the lower center of one lens, enabling wearers to comfortably watch the multimedia action while simultaneously staying in touch with their surroundings.
Hanging cords have been eliminated with wireless headphones and all AV ports now attach at the lower center console.
A slightly wider sole generates a lower center of gravity, while a longer blade length and oversized cavity back promotes an even larger sweet spot and greater confidence at address.
When mounted on the Proven Eliminator(TM), the new fork provides a lower center of gravity, unparalleled steering through turns, and control on straights.
TRICISION(TM) bridge design provides optimum stiffness-to-mass ratio with a lower center of gravity and a wider bearing separation than competitive bridge designs.
Genie's exclusive Sure-Foot(TM) tip-resistant design features a wide, stable base and lower center of gravity, plus recessed casters that permit the vac to ride low to the ground.