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Lower extremity and spinal orthotic and prosthetic devices and related clinical services are designed to provide stability and mobility to patients with lower limb loss or impairment and spinal injury.
To order this report: Surgical_Equipment Industry : MediPoint: Peripheral Vascular Stents for the Lower Extremity - APAC Analysis and Market Forecasts
1 Lower Extremity Prosthetics, Russian Federation, Overall Revenue (2003-2017) 34
Much of its work is human-centered, including current research in anthropomorphic robotic upper and lower extremity prostheses; dynamic approaches to the control of robot biped locomotion; and the use of biologically derived coordination for the control of legged locomotion in multi-legged robots.
The entry into the foot market for Ascension marks its continued growth into the upper and lower extremity market.
The author concluded that cryopreserved umbilical cord is effective in promoting the rapid healing of chronic, lower extremity ulcers, suggesting that it could be a useful advanced tissue treatment.
Human lower extremity exoskeleton is a kind of wearable intelligent robot [1] that has capability of carrying a payload and can supplement human intelligence with the strength.
They have brought together 80 contributed chapters arranged in sections on general principles for managing lower extremity traumatic injuries, soft tissue reconstruction, bone and joint reconstruction, and special considerations.
They studied 1,843 individuals from the class years of 2009-2012, with 94 subjects sustaining a lower extremity stress fracture during the follow-up period.
She experienced an initial yet short-lived improvement in her right groin and lower extremity swelling.
The addition of OrthoHelix is expected to more than double Tornier's lower extremity revenue and allow Tornier to increase its focus on foot and ankle surgeons.
Released by the Infectious Diseases Society of America in May, the guidelines note that about half of lower extremity amputations not caused by trauma could be prevented through proper care of foot infections.

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