lower price

See: discount
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I induced him to sell his baskets at rather lower prices than they asked for them in Grenoble, while, at the same time, they were better made.
While Doba is constantly on the prowl for wholesale suppliers who offer the highest-quality products at the lowest-available prices so our retail customers don't have to shop around for suppliers on their own, it is possible that a customer could stumble across a product with a lower price than ours," Hanks says.
Helfant, extremely low mortgage rates -- the lowest in nearly 20 years -- boosted demand in the lower price ranges, by allowing more first-time buyers to enter the market.
Ab Machine to Be Sold at a Lower Price Than Most Fitness Equipment
The Sebring is also available as a coupe and is similar to the Dodge Avenger, which is available at a lower price with slightly less equipment.
Our goal for every President's Choice product is simple -- create a product of higher quality and sell it at a lower price.
Plymouth is a brand long associated with value, and the Breeze, a sister to the Dodge Stratus and Chrysler Cirrus, has the same exceptional roominess of those popular models but for a much lower price.
Boyle also said, "VE is an outstanding way for customers to take advantage of many of the benefits of a dedicated server at a lower price point until they are ready to upgrade to a truly dedicated server.
Increased choice combined with more powerful media serving capabilities at lower price points will increasingly drive consumer demand for these products.
The same trend in wireless telephony since the advent of number portability strengthens the case that lowering consumers' switching costs leads to lower price.
PHILADELPHIA -- Effective Thursday, PECO will pass along a seven percent reduction in its natural gas rate for its 474,000 customers in the suburban counties of southeastern Pennsylvania, due to lower actual wholesale gas supply costs in recent months and lower price projections for the rest of the year.
Sellers enable the Make an Offer feature for items to show customers they are willing to negotiate for a lower price than the price listed.

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