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Devaluation: this is when a strategic act is set by government or monetary official in a country to intentionally lower the value of ones currency as compared to those of others.
Ben Broadbent, who joined the bank's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) in June, added that he was "reasonably close" to voting for increasing the bank's quantitative easing programme, a move which, in itself, would lower the value of the pound.
8 million in indirect property tax payments because the foreclosures would lower the value of neighboring real estate, according to the congressional Joint Economic Committee's data.
Department stores, grocery chains, coffee shops and other retailers sell certificates and cards with expiration dates or inactivity fees (also called "dormancy" fees) that lower the value of the card each month it is not used after a specified time.
For example, Williams was concerned about AT&T selling its broadband division, which would lower the value of his stock Unwilling to wait for a deal to be finalized, he sold his broadband shares, Part of Williams' strategy is simple: he will stick with a company as long as he agrees with management's proposals, and sell when they make decisions he deems unprofitable.
He calls for American participation in a joint effort to lower the value of the dollar "20 percent or so over a couple of years.
A covenant will sometimes in the short term lower the value of the property since it restricts development of the land.
corporations, hurting the value of stocks, and also lower the value of fixed-income investments such as bonds.
All too often, a successful LBO results in a material diminution of a tenant's assets, which can lower the value of the entire building, especially if the tenant is a major one, the attorney notes.
The expected increase in interest rates in the future will reduce a transferor's exposure to estate tax in the event he dies before the GRAT or GRUT term expires; the higher the interest rate, the lower the value of the capitalized annuity.
E[acute accent]And of those who have owned a home for at least three years, 74 percent said they were not very concerned that there might be a downturn in the housing market in the next year, which would lower the value of their home.