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Tread wear As mentioned before, lowering the aspect ratio reduces the average pressure of the contact area.
Some local residents had complained that lowering the flag for the Armenian Genocide was special treatment for one ethnic group and discriminated against others - such as the Irish, Jews and American Indians - who suffered atrocities, as well.
The researchers relied primarily on measurements of LDL to gauge the effectiveness of pravastatin in lowering cholesterol and to assess relative heart disease risk.
At this point in history, the best method for lowering costs with some quality controls is prepaid group practice and HMOs.
The rheology of both unfilled and filled PP shows a lowering of viscosity with the addition of SFR-100 resin with or without MgSt.
Whether lowering homocysteine reduces that risk is still an open question.
Others fear the flag lowering for the Armenian genocide will set a precedent for future requests from other ethnic groups seeking recognition of atrocities they have suffered.
The player must then pause momentarily in the contracted position before lowering the weight.
Compared to N550 and N650, ST-4620 carbon black can reduce the incidence of cracking by lowering the conductivity of the hose.
Calgenex Corporation cites a recent study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition further substantiating the American Heart Association's recommended cardio-protective dose of omega-3 fatty acids in the lowering of triglycerides in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD).
Lowering your cholesterol to prevent a heart attack might also dull your edge mentally, a study suggests.