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The lowermost Aeronian Ancyrochitina convexa Biozone is rather thin and corresponds to the lowermost part of the Jogeva Beds in the Poltsamaa core (32.
Nestor 1994) is probably represented by its uppermost part, and the Eisenackitina dolioliformis global Biozone by its lowermost part (= local Conochitina emmastensis Biozone in V.
The higher, Andreolepis hedei Biozone, which characterizes the upper part of the Uduvere Beds of the Paadla Formation, is not detected as the bedrock sequence in the Riksu borehole begins with the lowermost Uduvere strata.
Higher, in the lowermost Porkuni Stage, conodont diversity drops rapidly and reaches its minimum (in both the number of species and genera) in the uppermost Ordovician (Fig.
Although precise correlation of these subunits with the rock sequence of Gotland has yet to be done, we can roughly claim that (1) a large number of the Wenlock units that crop out on northern Gotland (Tofta, lowermost Slite beds) correspond to a stratigraphic gap at the boundary between the Vilsandi and Maasi beds on northern Saaremaa, (2) a great part of the uppermost Slite beds corresponds to a stratigraphic gap between the Jaagarahu and Rootsikula stages on Saaremaa.
The drill holes are targeted to test the mineralization approximately 300 feet down dip of the Sonneman Level, the lowermost tunnel that encountered both mineralized zones.
As Nestor (2007) discussed also the distribution of chitinozoans in the lowermost Ludlow, this interval is not dealt with in the present article.
When he and Schabel corrected for the orbital error, the MSU record showed the lowermost troposphere--from ground level to 7 kilometers above ground--warming at a rate of 0.