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While some may think that the inclusion of smaller libraries would reduce the set of databases to a lowest common denominator, limiting availability to very basic resources, it appears that the alliance of large and small libraries tends to raise the level of the databases offered.
As long as programming doesn't sink to pleasing the lowest common denominator.
The Welsh Government is prepared to keep patients waiting for treatment that is readily available, applying the lowest common denominator to our most precious commodity, our health.
And if you thought they were bad, get a load of his latest, lowest common denominator "comedy" packed with embarrassingly awful gags about fat people, masturbation and incest.
So in a world when many prime time shows seem to be aimed at the lowest common denominator, it's good to know the Christmas Lectures will always be around (we hope) to educate, inform and entertain over the festive period.
The purpose of libraries is being whittled away to the lowest common denominator.
BIG Brother appeals to the lowest common denominator in the human race - the morally rotten and the intellectually challenged who, with their unfortunate progeny, need to be protected from themselves.
We're not trying to be elitist, but by no means is the network trying to aim at the lowest common denominator.
First, design engineers--people who often work in 3D, but send out 2D printouts and bitmaps of their work because those 2D forms are the lowest common denominator of communication.
Car parks (as Peter Blundell Jones observes more trenchantly on p81) are a deeply maligned and malign building type, being little more than stacked floor plates, usually designed to lowest common denominator principles.
From the Bay Area comes the voice of the lowest common denominator, the common man, the alcohol-induced, skateboard-fueled adventures of a band of ne'er-do-well rapscallion scallywags as they shred the rad and cause trouble.
Do we really want to endanger lives by having the fire service reduced to this lowest common denominator of service, too?