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Stevenson gives Christie's annual Champagne master's class, and has written 13 other tomes on the topic, and his comprehensive knowledge shows: with tasting notes and general house scores, he takes some well-known brands to task and praises some of the lowlier yet great wine making houses.
According to Gibson, the emphasis on quality means the finest varieties fetch more than $100 for 100 kilograms of grapes, compared with less than $15 for their lowlier cousins.
The rest of us, mostly freelance writers from lowlier magazines, had to wheedle airfare from our editors or pay for the first leg of the trip ourselves.
Yet there was another tradition of comics within the commedia dell'arte which is not part of the official history; these comedians performed not at court but rather in public taverns, in town squares, and in even lowlier locales.
The harrowing first half of Bent is Max's fall; the second, his redemption at Dachau, where he pays off a functionary to sport the Jew's yellow star rather than the lowlier pink triangle of the homosexual.
Ideally, servants would allow bourgeois matrons to become, not ladies of leisure, but women exempt from the lowlier and more arduous tasks of housekeeping.
In addition to its lofty medical applications, Alda-1 could also have a much lowlier use: fighting hangovers.
43) Again, the difficult operation descended on the smaller tenants and lowlier inhabitants.
Garcia can be expected to use the week as part of the recuperative process but two players we know are in perfect fettle at Soren Hansen and Darren Clarke, who finished sixth and second respectively in lowlier company in Johannesburg on Sunday.
As the dregs of the G20 began rocking up for the latest global junket, some of the lowlier ministers of state were detailed to intercept them at Heathrow, locate their luggage two days later at Luton and generally kowtow to their every need.
As football managers, the MPs would be answerable to supporters and owners alike and if they didn't perform would be dismissed and relegated to a lowlier team.
Chocolate Caramel's triumph may have been at a far lowlier level, but his length-and-a-half verdict added further credence to the handler's expertise with this stamp of animal.