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The former parish priest of the village, William Villviza, said the mud also reminds one of the lowness of one's being and enables one to be close to the earth.
The former parish priest of the village, William Villviza, said the mud also "reminds one of the lowness of one's being" and enables one to be "close to the earth.
7) Against this, however, and particularly against the Lake school identification of illegitimate theater with "vulgarity, lowness, political radicalism, and cultural subversion," there is the willingness of Hazlitt, Keats, Leigh Hunt, and other younger Romantics to discover "the promise of anarchic freedom from dull convention and stultifying precedent in the illegitimate stage.
Such a humble and generally inoffensive animal hardly seems to deserve this epithet, but in early Christian art and literature, the turtle, thought because of its lowness to the ground to wallow in mud and filth, was taken as a symbol of heresy and evil.
Poverty is understood as deprivation with many dimensions, not just lowness of income.
Guagnini's show was both a memento mori and a monument to lowness, perversity, and death.
The lowness of this index represents the low difference between the research conceptual models with the data observed.
In the New York Review of Books , Egyptian writer El Rashidi recounts the criticism published by Ibrahim's own mentor after he gave him a copy of the confiscated book in 1966: "I am not condemning its morality, but its lack of sensibility, its lowness, its vulgarity… The reader should have been spared such filth.
19] Excess female mortality or the lowness of the relative survival advantage of women is the single most important determinant of "missing women" in India.
Although "one reason often offered for the poor state of India's education system is that the teachers are not paid enough and hence they lack the motivation to teach properly"; according to the current accounts, teachers in India get paid five to six times the amount of money that an average Indian makes leading Dreze and Sen to conclude that "whatever may the source of the problem of low teaching efficiency, the blame cannot be placed on any alleged lowness of salary of school teachers.
In addition, values of skewness and lowness are revised in order to examine the appropriateness of normal distribution of variables which will be subjected to the factor analyses.