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Listen: there were in truth, at that epoch, four devoted hearts, four loyal spirits, four faithful swords, who saved more than my life -- my honor "
Each one who loves a good and virtuous king will wish to see these colonies continue loyal.
This was effected in spite of many difficulties: the general proved to be loyal, and allowed the money to be taken away.
M'Dougal was such as to awaken strong doubts as to his loyal devotion to the cause.
You have been recommended to us by a noble and loyal lady, in whom His Majesty - whom God preserve - reposes an entire confidence.
I have noted it, in my History of King Henry the Seventh of England, who depressed bis nobility; whereupon it came to pass, that his times were full of difficulties and troubles; for the nobility, though they continued loyal unto him, yet did they not co-operate with him in his business.
Truly, you are very wise and just, and very loyal also to your friends.
He has certainly won a loyal champion, Miss Porter," said Captain Dufranne, laughing.
Sire, will you allow me to speak frankly as befits a loyal soldier?
That he might utilize this opportunity to the good of Helium scarce sufficed to outweigh the chagrin he felt that he was not fighting in the open at the head of his own loyal troops.
But my task is finished and I must go and report to Ozma that I've done my duty like a faithful Police Force, a loyal Army and an honest Body-Guard--as I hope I am.
If the Sarians had remained loyal, so too would the Amozites be loyal still, and the Kalians, and the Suvians, and all the great tribes who had formed the federation that was to eman-cipate the human race of Pellucidar.