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However, they say the issue of labelling criminals "loyalist" came to a head when the Chief Constable said loyalist paramilitaries were involved in people trafficking and drug dealing in a radio interview.
The Loyalist ancestors were Samuel Shipman UE, John Elliot UE and Lewis Powell UE.
Loyalist owns and operates private education schools in Toronto, Vancouver, and Victoria offering (i) English as a Second Language Courses for international students; (ii) Training programs for teachers, commonly known as TESL; (iii) Professional Development Courses; and (iv) Corporate English for Professionals.
At present, these loyalist groups are perceived as a rabble of barely politicised renegades, hell-bent on winning turf wars and protecting their own crime rackets.
This article addresses three aspects of Loyalist commemoration in Saint John from the 1880s until the 1930s: research and publishing on Loyalist history, public celebrations of the Loyalists, and the founding of the provincial museum based in Saint John.
One local loyalist source told us: "The guy who did this was a Belfast taxi driver from Rathcoole who has brought all his UDA baggage with him.
However on April 5, 1998, five days before the Belfast Peace Agreement was signed, Loyalist Parties the PUP and the now defunct UDP then met the Taoiseach in Dublin for crucial talks.
but eventually he is arrested by the Loyalists, accused of spying.
Gray, who was shot in the face last month as rival Loyalist groups fought for supremacy, has been a frequent visitor to Scotland in recent years, travelling from Northern Ireland for Rangers games.
The west Belfast UDA boss was kicked out for refusing to side with other so-called brigadiers in a vicious dispute with the rival Loyalist Volunteer Force.
Sources close to Mr Kelly confirmed that the meeting took place in an effort to persuade the loyalist Ulster Defence Association to stop attacking Catholic homes.