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Branch President, Marg Hall UE, gave some background information on Canada/North America's first refugees and the importance of recognizing 16 June 1794 as the day the Loyalists landed at Adolphustown.
Last week, Arlene Foster was criticised by Sinn Fein MLA John O'Dowd for meeting with the loyalist group's chief Jackie McDonald in South Belfast just days after the murder Bangor of Colin Horner.
Furthermore, Chopra's lengthy introductory narrative can stand alone as a general overview of Loyalist thought and purpose.
Though Van Tyne agreed with just about everything Flick had postulated, including the number of loyalist exiles.
THE OPENING CHAPTERS HAVE ONE OTHER omission that Jasanoff addresses only in an appendix estimating the total number of exiles: how many Americans can fairly be described as loyalists, and how did that political identification change over time, especially as British military operations made the open expression of loyalist sentiment possible?
After commanding a loyalist regiment, Robinson said farewell to his sons and headed off to England in 1783.
At present, these loyalist groups are perceived as a rabble of barely politicised renegades, hell-bent on winning turf wars and protecting their own crime rackets.
This article addresses three aspects of Loyalist commemoration in Saint John from the 1880s until the 1930s: research and publishing on Loyalist history, public celebrations of the Loyalists, and the founding of the provincial museum based in Saint John.
One local loyalist source told us: "The guy who did this was a Belfast taxi driver from Rathcoole who has brought all his UDA baggage with him.
However on April 5, 1998, five days before the Belfast Peace Agreement was signed, Loyalist Parties the PUP and the now defunct UDP then met the Taoiseach in Dublin for crucial talks.
but eventually he is arrested by the Loyalists, accused of spying.