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Mrs Verloc pursued the visions of seven years' security for Stevie, loyally paid for on her part; of security growing into confidence, into a domestic feeling, stagnant and deep like a placid pool, whose guarded surface hardly shuddered on the occasional passage of Comrade Ossipon, the robust anarchist with shamelessly inviting eyes, whose glance had a corrupt clearness sufficient to enlighten any woman not absolutely imbecile.
There was no want of precedent for his return; it was accounted for to the father in the usual way; and the collegians, with a better comprehension of the pious fraud than Tip, supported it loyally.
Our customers have loyally supported our products, while the NRA has loyally defended the Second Amendment.
I announce that China will reduce military personnel numbers by 300,000," he said, after declaring that the military was "loyally committed to its sacred duty of defending the security of the motherland and the peaceful life of the people, and loyally committed to the sacred duty of safeguarding world peace.
This young, vibrant business has created an impressive local following who loyally attend many of the regular tastings and special events.
On behalf of my regiment I thank you all for attending on the day, loyally they served.
She was loyally supported by her husband Denis throughout his career, but her son Sir Mark had a playboy reputation.
chris_kammy: Good luck to TC Terry Connor landing the Wolves job, never mind circumstances, he has served the club loyally for donkey's years.
The Spaniard (above) was offered the manager's job at Villa Park in the summer but loyally decided to stick with Wigan chairman Dave Whelan.
The commercial bullies have won again and the concern amongst the rank and file is that the small businesses that have served the local community loyally for years will in the near future suffer from the pressure sales that Tesco will be able to offer.
He cited only a few days left in Eid -ul-Azha, and WASA the employees were performing their duties loyally, and meeting their expenses by borrowing money, while their children were forced to discontinue schools.
LOyALLy sHAFTEd WHILE Doncaster Rovers were winning an unlikely promotion into the Championship and then defying gravity by staying in the second flight, their manager Sean O'Driscoll distanced himself from a string of opportunities to move to wealthier clubs.