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Caption: Figure 1 Coating added to improve the wettability of the lens surface making it more lubricious
Our new Centaur low particulate, lubricious coating can help medical device manufacturers introduce new lines of coated catheters, guidewires and stents that provide a higher level of confidence to clinicians when using their medical devices.
Most lubricious additives are proprietary but the purpose would be to increase catheter movement or tracking in the vascular anatomy.
These technologies include Hydromer lubricious / anti-microbial / anti-thrombogenic / cell anti- mitosis / cell growth enhancing coatings for the medical marketplace.
com)-- Bayer MaterialScience LLC announced new measurements that illustrate the durability of its Baymedix[TM] CL 100 lubricious coating technology.
Using UCT Coatings patented, military-proven EXO Technology, FailZero offers a permanently lubricious surface, harder than the substrate itself, eliminating the need for any lubricant for the life of the gun
The coatings are also naturally hydrophilic and become exceptionally lubricious when wet, reducing risk of trauma and tissue abrasion.
The AL400-D Gas Plasma System is designed for deposition of a lubricious, low-coefficient-of-friction coating on bulk medical components.
Rather, it spoke to the group's propagation of a nutty, lubricious atmosphere that, to a certain extent, did the work for them: This piece wasn't made in a vacuum; it was made in Gelitin-space.
They rank as the hardest and most lubricious of all natural materials.
with the super hard and lubricious coating they developed.
MEDCOAT 2000[TM] is a proprietary coating that resists wear, is ultra lubricious and makes medical devices virtually indestructible (visit www.