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But in truth there is a sort of lucidity proper to extravagant language, and the great man was not offended.
He saw but one means of restoring lucidity and clearness to his judgment.
For the last few days she had felt herself several times near that madness which is but an intolerable lucidity of apprehension.
There are two men standing outside this shop," went on the blacksmith with ponderous lucidity, "good tradesmen in Greenford whom you all know, who will swear that they saw me from before midnight till daybreak and long after in the committee room of our Revival Mission, which sits all night, we save souls so fast.
ValAaAaAeA@ry, though, was "the last of the Symbolists," which meant th conventional lucidity was never high among his priorities.
Introduction: The aim of this study was to examine the level of lucidity and its relation with metacognitive beliefs and dream anxiety in medical students.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Ceiling 9 Eclat 10 Tosca 11 Overrun 12 Sou 13 Tentacle 16 Diabetes 17 Cox 19 Trigger 21 Radii 22 Villa 23 Devotee DOWN: 1 Ecstasy 2 Missouri 3 Pisa 4 Generals 5 Blur 6 Stung 8 Good-natured 13 Toboggan 14 Lucidity 15 Excited 18 Stove20 Idle 21 Rove QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 For starters 8 Son 9 Oar 11 Cockpit 12 Adore 13 Ale 14 Tip 15 Vanilla 17 Fat 19 Gull 21 Iron 23 User 25 Glee 27 Nod 29 Daunted 31 Ass 34 End 36 Photo 37 Escaped 38 Ear 39 Icy 40 Mental block DOWN: 1 Fool 2 Once 3 Soprano 4 Attain 5 Trawl 6 Root 7 Sari 8 Scarf 10 Repel 16 Age 18 Tie 20 Urn 22 Red 24 Stencil 25 Grape 26 Unveil 28 Daddy 30 Adopt 32 Sham 33 Sore 34 Epic 35 Neck
Emtec said that its acquisition of Lucidity, and Intelenex earlier this year, created an early mover advantage in implementing Oracle Cloud Applications.
Readers called our Arabic sister paper Akhbar Al Khaleej saying that MPs are not living "in their time" and lack lucidity and the ability to think reasonably.
The compacts encase Lucidity Translucent Pressed Powder and featured fragrances such as scent classics, Pleasures and Beautiful.
Proceeds from the round were used to finance both the acquisition of Lucidity Consulting Group and to fund long-term growth.
After noticing that a statue of Teddy Roosevelt topped the Capitol dome instead of the Statue of Freedom, my almost faded lucidity heightened again.