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LUCRE. Gain, profit. Cl. des Lois Rom. h.t.

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Waterston's installation "Filthy Lucre," 2013--14, was created by the artist in collaboration with MASS MoCA in North Adams, Mass.
It is claimed that the donations to this foundation were actually the commissions forcibly collected from businessmen who are awarded public tenders and from the lucre distributed form urban development projects.
During a control period of four weeks, staff recorded how they were feeling throughout the working day, Lucre said.
Evidence later showed that one of the principal reasons for his "success" was that his firm served as a conduit for the lucre of corruption.
Their salaries are modest compared with pay at major public companies, not to mention the IPO lucre amassed by dot-com darlings like Stephan Paternot, 28, the chic cocreator of TheGlobe.
However, whatever lucre Mrs Beckett is granted, at least the well formulated Curry report has set the chain talking to each other in a way we have rarely seen before.
Summarizing the deal in their story "Pat Robertson's Gold Fever," writers Bob Drury and Aram Roston wrote, "[I]t seems clear that in his lust to tap the lucre of the West African Craton [gold seam], the Reverend Pat Robertson has crossed a moral line in order to go into business with a torturer, a murderer, a barbarian who has supported thugs who lop off the arms of defenseless women and children.
His first major byline came with The Continuity of Feudal Power (Cambridge, 1992), an expose on the fortunes of the Caracciolo di Brienza family, a leading Neapolitan clan whose members put impeccable taste and decorum ahead of love and lucre.
The creation of the Richmond Ballet's new home had a distinctly scientific ring to it: Take one sprawling industrial plant in a transitional neighborhood, add a generous helping of community spirit and local lucre, mix with space-expanding and surface-softening elements (cranes to raise ceilings and 26,000 rubber cylinders to spring floors, in this case), and watch phase of dance professionalism and civic pride come to life.
Now Tigrett has undertaken another business venture that combines the spirit of the times with filthy lucre and in this case, real spirituality.
When a man or woman is ready to barter the soul of the child for filthy lucre, he should be read out of the association, and the public should know the reason why.
Nike used to run ads comparing basketball to revolution in its spiritual intensity, and another series in which old hoopsters talked lovingly about the way the game was played back in the innocent '70s, back before filthy lucre had polluted it.