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The disparity between the top and bottom has reached ludicrous proportions.
Ms Mortimer added: "With reports of nurses using food banks across the UK, using this fee to ration demand is ludicrous.
Existing P90S Ludicrous owners can also upgrade, but will have to pay $20,000 as the 90kWh pack in their existing vehicles will have to be recycled.
To say that 'the city is a meat market of immorality' is ludicrous.
MICHAELA Strachan's ludicrous Winterwatch animal cruelty disclaimer: "Let me say these are wild mice, they went into the maze of their own accord to get a treat of nuts.
And Hayden said: "I think it's ludicrous that Kevin Pietersen isn't in the England side, that's just crazy.
The idea of Steven Fletcher being a relegation Jonah is ludicrous.
Roper said that half a billion rand is a ludicrous amount and it seems like an amount which is more about intimidation than justice.
This was ludicrous and it was rejected by the jury in less than an hour," Judge Parker added at Wolverhampton Crown Court.
He stated that the proposed EUR100bn increase in the European budget was ludicrous, as well as expressing his reservations over the hopes of a November agreement.