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The same song contains the line: "Behind every beautiful thing there's been some kind of pain" (8), lugubriously echoing Poe's dictum in 'The Philosophy of Composition' that "the death.
Happily, Charlton is no part-time Eeyore but the real deal and he lugubriously observed: "We tested him twice this week and he missed it both times.
Pic is in trouble from its lugubriously narrated and written (by screenwriter Philip Eisner) opening, explaining how awful the world has become in the future, due in no small part to "the Machine," buried deep in the Earth's surface by aliens, and sealed supposedly forever by warrior tribes.
In Rupert Goold's RSC Tempest, set in the Arctic rather than on the traditional tropical island, Julian Bleach's Ariel skulks lugubriously through the three-hour production in a long, black, clerical robe, his face made up in pale white make-up.
In response to the desperate petitions of human prayer, the God of "Soliloquy" sardonically observes of his Creation, "Pray away, / Creatures; I'm going to destroy / It," adding lugubriously, "The mistake's mine, / If you like.
And the siren cried lugubriously, as the two anchors, without having been hoisted by anyone, rose pitifully to the deck like two drenched old ladies.
It is into this lugubriously inequitable world situation that Kurzweil would introduce his brave new inventions.
As the train lugubriously moves into the left side of the frame, the viewer is left with this final indelible impression of genocide, we cannot read the ending in terms of redemption--the many survivors interviewed throughout the nine and one-half hour film feel no better about their past experiences.
Earlier, in Canto II, Byron had suggested lugubriously that the soul resides, not in the bosom, but in the head.
some 20 years ago," (12) and negatively: "Where Brook's white-box production mixed authentic magic, comic joy and rigorous attention to the verse, Lepage's production offers a lugubriously eccentric vision that reduces even the best performers .
He lugubriously explained: "They say in these parts where there's food there's muck.
There was something lugubriously comical in the way Newman's thoroughly contemporaneous optimism was confronted with this dusky old-world expedient.