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Rather short-sightedly the researchers lump together under one heading the diversity of the independent sector - internationally renowned boarding schools, small rural boarding schools, large urban independent day schools such as ourselves, small independent day schools catering for pupils with special needs.
That, at least, is the implication of standard analyses that lump together brain data collected from groups of people as they perform visual tasks.
More troubling than the tendency to lump together all African ethnicities and nationalities, however, is the clear development of negative attitudes on the part of funders--and some African groups themselves--towards African refugee and immigrant mutual assistance associations (MAAs).
Literature reports may skew the prognostic implications of acute renal failure (ARF) because they lump together both groups of patients, observed Dr.
In this book's preface, it is observed that many people frequently use the term "Hispanics" to lump together a group they believe to be homogeneous.
Luke's purpose is connected to his overall scheme across his two literary works, which scholars tend to lump together as Luke-Acts.
It may be unfair to lump together the first and the second JEP wave, but it will do as shorthand, with the quintessential JEP painter being Georges Mathieu, whose theatrics of gesturalism and subjectivist pretense represent the apogee of what Hains, Villegle, Hantai, and Barre abhorred.