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That the lump in lumpen should be baby talk for shit is welcome to him, but not necessary.
The characters in ``Flushed'' look like their lumpen, monobrow Aardman predecessors, but here they've been created on DreamWorks Animation computers instead of through laborious stop-motion techniques.
Hitler loved the Reichstag (perhaps because of its lumpen heaviness), and demanded its retention, even after the notorious fire of February 1933.
Mobor Hudej's "To Serve or Not to Serve," Tomaz Kosmac's "To See Ziri and Die," and Mart Lenardic's "The Fighter" are narrated by unpleasant, aimless, lumpen males in or from bars.
She perceptively notes that many poets "claimed revolutionary purpose and authenticated lumpen credentials in an anti-establishment age.
By 1985 application of hudud punishments for theft -- amputations of hands and feet upon non-Muslim southerners as well as Muslims -- had reached over 200 in number as Courts of Prompt Justice carried out the state Islamic law with a vengeance upon the poor and lumpen social elements.
In fact, Perot Systems probably only owes its spectacular market debut to lumpen day traders mistaking the firm for an internet stock, say analysts.
Of the divine Cunningham troupers, their gorgeous limbs sticking out of their lumpen garments, only Cheryl Therrien, a sphinx-like dancer given to performing through the body rather than merely with it, was transcendently focused, particularly in a brief swimming port de bras of magical allure.
Reagan was ridiculed by the lumpen intelligentsia of the establishment news media and policy sophisticates of Georgetown.
One lumpen to another, he added "The suits have a master plan to destroy us.
I gasped, wiping beads of sweat from my brow as I hacked at the lumpen joint.
It may be recalled here that the MSOs had discontinued the two Andhra based channels after they mocked the Telangana legislatures as "buffoons" as lumpen in June last during the first session of the state legislataure.