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And the East End has become a lurid shrine for Ripper enthusiasts.
Summary: Beijing: Lurid reports of Chinese officials sporting luxury watches or promoting their twin mistresses are .
I begged him not to put in some of the more lurid details of the story.
Summary: Wayne Rooney shrugged off lurid headlines about his private life to score the opening goal in England's 3-1 victory over Switzerland.
A host of other stars sponsored by the firm have attracted lurid headlines.
WAYNE ROONEY is set to travel to Switzerland this morning for England's Euro qualifier, despite lurid allegations about his private life.
The novel is dark and the murders grisly, but by keeping the focus on the personalities and group dynamics of the police who struggle to solve this case, rather than on the gory crime scenes, Starling avoids cheap lurid thrills.
Out on DVD via Wellspring, Live Freaky: takes its inspiration from the story of Charles Manson and his murderous disciples, embellishing their exploits with a veneer of lurid Technicolor and musical numbers.
Rather, the sheer banality of their accumulation reflects a larger social context, in which hoary but still surprisingly resilient assumptions about gender make it easy to lose sight of the fact that the girl who is the most lurid might also be the most conventional in her desires.
Surprisingly, the exceptional moments of 50's story aren't in the lurid details, but in the wit and introspection.
Media and popular accounts of these allegations have tended to highlight the most salacious and lurid details while silencing alternative memories or accounts and ignoring the historical context.