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The Ottoman Empire's Deep State" (Osmanli'da Derin Devlet), a newly released soap opera broadcast on Samanyolu TV, a popular Turkish network, luridly portrays Persian attempts to undermine the Ottoman Empire, complete with thinly veiled allusions to contemporary politics.
O'Shea's luridly entertaining tome charts the sorry decline of prodigiously gifted Bonham, known as Bonzo, who experienced 'primarily booze-induced tailspins into deep depression' near the start of Led Zep's astonishing series of worldwide, stadium-filling tours.
Rimsky-Korsakov's gentrified re-working of this savage piece was included in Walt Disney's Fantasia, and in this performance its colours glowed, but not so luridly as to upset Disney's family audience
The one thing he is certain is that Glasgow will get it and no one will be looking for a luridly coloured vehicle.
Analyst Arsim Zekoli comments for Utrinski Vesnik that following the statements of the US and EU representatives in connection to the boycott of the opposition and the luridly mitigated message to the government is an already seen scenario on these premises.
Just don't get overwhelmed by sale fever and buy a luridly patterned duvet set simply because it's on offer - there's probably a reason why the store's got loads left.
After her father's death, Aaron Starr's creditors sell her to satisfy estate debts, and Amantha finds herself luridly displayed on an auction block, "rescued" by her new owner, Hamish Bond, taken to bed, freed, and finally married to a handsome young Northerner.
No, The Fear's USP is that Beckett is also suffering from the effects of early onset dementia, a condition luridly depicted by some disorientating camera work and Mullan's expansive, expressive face - switching in an instant from bellowing threats of savage retribution against any interlopers on his turf to an emotionless, blank sheet, unperturbed and lost in some age-old reverie.
A luridly fascinating slice of the darker side of American History, Wicked Western Slope is thoroughly accessible to readers everywhere who are curious about Colorado's dirty deeds.
com , which first reported on the Ybor Resort and Spa's offer to RNC delegates, rather luridly defined a darkroom as "a secret homosexual dungeon in which there are no lights, no clothing and erotic men of all ages.
Maisa went further into the intimate ins and outs of her now-dead relationship, sharing luridly that her ex-fiance did not trust her enough to believe that the photo was fabricated and failed to stand by her side at a time when she needed him most to deal with the scandal she faced.