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London's now-obscure socialistic stories are a fascinating combination of revolution and pulp luridness.
But then, doesn't the luridness of it all make for suspense?
That selection seemed to be based on the potential for luridness.
The luridness begins when pen is set to paper: "Spenser's very project of reduplicating Elizabeth's virtue on the page both eroticizes it and introduces it into the logic of sexual reproduction" (83).
In its luridness and violence, late eighteenth-century anti-slavery rhetoric points directly, for instance, to the systematic colonization of Africa; it is also rich in the sorts of phobias and bogeys more commonly associated with the later nineteenth century, such as miscegenation, cannibalism, and an essentialist stereotyping of sex and race, such as the perception of white woman's sexuality as a form of degenerate black sexuality.
48) In an of these accounts, soldiers expressed their outrage and frustration at their inability to defend women, but also revealed their fascination with the luridness of the scene.
London Spy" could have gone terribly wrong, given the luridness of its real-life source material: In 2010, a dead man was found locked inside a gym bag in an apartment connected to the U.
Like Goldin, Trecartin focuses on purgatories--depressed or zippy coteries held together by hedonistic color and the luridness of interpersonal contact revved to the breaking point.