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The underlying references--to art historical iconography and American crafts, to narcotics and consumer culture, to any number of paradises lost--seem all the more sinister for being so lusciously packaged.
Notable standouts included the nimble actor/tenor Stuart Howe as Higgs, Sally Dibblee's lusciously lyrical rendition of Yram and the generous bass-baritone of Curtis Sullivan, who lent the Bank president Gurgoyle (and the Warden) extra bite.
In keeping with the time period, Bourne is using Prokofiev's Stalinist-era ``Romeo and Juliet'' score, which is darker and not so lusciously romantic as Tchaikovsky's better-known one.
Red Lexia, mate of the lusciously fruity Lexia, is aromatic with soft red-fruit flavors.
For a garden that's bursting with vitality and lusciously bright colours come spring, it's essential to plant spring flowering bulbs, such as tulips, muscari and daffodils, in September and October.
New selections include lusciously rich, creamy pint ice cream topped with a layer of DOVE Chocolate ganache, premium cookies uniquely dipped in DOVE Chocolate, and silky, smooth milk chocolate miniatures with caramel.
The Viognier is lusciously ripe and fat, with nuances of apricots, cream and orange marmalade.
Three, lusciously plump, golden-crisp prawns curled on a bed of fresh salad leaves.
Dokic made positive headlines as a Wimbledon semi-finalist last year and the new Italian Open champion last month, but reputations are no protection when the courts here are still lusciously green and soft, the bounces low and the surface slippery under lateral movement by the baseline.
It is a lusciously produced novel of a woman's problematic quest across the United States and Europe for the perfect chocolate and the perfect man.
A panoramic foldout image documents, in the most lusciously nostalgia-provoking way, the Bennington look, both with respect to natural and aesthetic landscapes: we see in the foreground a lavender Caro sprawling across a greensward with the blue mountains in the distance.